Minting a coin

Visitors can mint a coin during their tour of the Casa de la Moneda Museum.

A hammer press is used for this, imitating the ancient method of coining.

A piece of metal (blank) is placed between two dies made of a very hard alloy. Each die bears the 'negative' image of a coin.

A hammer is used to strike the upper die firmly. The blank is then marked with the two sides from the dies.

The resulting coin normally bears on one side the Museum logo (with the silhouette of a coining press).

This method was used to produce coins for centuries.

As is well known, for a pressed piece to become a "coin", it must have face value and have been issued by the relevant authority. For this reason, the pieces coined in our museum press are actually "medals", i.e. : commemorative pieces with no face value.

Minting one’s own coin is the ideal way to remember your visit to our Museum.

P.V.P.: 3€