Graphic Art

Graphic Art

From Room 15 onwards we leave the world of metals and enter one of paper and ink. These Rooms display pieces that, in their day, were produced in the field of graphic art.

The audiovisuals provide information on the paper and its production, and on the main printing methods used. In the exhibition area there is a display of a small selection of our collection of engravings. The Museum has a magnificent set of engravings from the 16th and 17th centuries, and on through the 18th century until the present day.

Room 16 is devoted to stamped paper, the lottery and other games. The use of stamped paper began in the 17th century.

Room 17 is dedicated to postage stamps. At the back of the room, there is a small panel showing the parts and elements of a postage stamp, and the different formats and uses given to stamps over time. The first part of the room covers the history of post marks, starting with the post marks used prior to stamps, right through to current franking methods. The panels show magnified reproductions of some of the items used in producing stamps, such as plates and mills.

The last display case summarises the production process of a sheet of chalography stamps, through the design, plate engraving, mill transfer, imprinting roll and sheet.